The Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics delivers on regular basis and upon request high-quality training programs to companies, public entities and regulatory authorities, academic institutions and research centers, civil society organizations, as well as hospitals and other health care providers. Our main focus is on integrity in business, academic and non-profit sector, and on public affairs in general.

Some of these programs are designed for a general audience, while others are customized for particular purposes or specific organizational profiles. Most of them have an intensive format and all involve an enhanced engagement of our participants. In certain projects, the training program comes after a TNA (Training Needs Assessment) or an audit done by a 3rd-party.

On the right side of this page, you have a list of fields we cover and some of the training programs we deliver. Tailored programs are not included. If you want to learn more about any of these programs, you should follow the links to their descriptions.

Few of our programs are offered as part of a professional track. This means that you have the possibility to obtain a certification stating your KSA in that particular field. It is the case with most of the training programs from the “Business & Society” category, which are included in the Chartered Ethics & Compliance Professional Certification.

The data presented herein has only an informative role regarding our training portfolio and experience and represents the full intellectual property of our organization.  For training programs offered in 2018, we invite you to check out our 2018 Training Calendar.


ACD16#RE01 | Research Ethics 101*
ACD16#RE02 | Research Ethics for Members of Research Ethics Committees (RECs)*
ACD16#RE03 | Ethical Evaluation of Research Projects*
ACD16#RE04 | Forms of Research Dishonesty*
ACD16#RE05 | Publication Ethics for Editors*
ACD16#RE06 | Publication Ethics Policies Unbound*
ACD16#RE07 | Ethics & Compliance Management in Research Institutions*
ACD16#RE08 | Setting Up an Effective Code of Research Ethics*ACD16#AE01 | Ethics & Compliance Management in Universities*
ACD16#AE02 | Setting Up an Effective Institutional Code of Ethics*


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COM11#ME01 | Mass-Media Ethics 101*
COM13#ME02 | Ethics in Independent Journalism*
COM13#AD01 | Advertising Ethics 101*
COM17#MR01 | Neuromarketing Ethics*
COM17#MR02 | Ethics in BigData Usage in Marketing Research & Practices*


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