CEE Ethics Network

CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPEAN ETHICS NETWORK is a regional platform aiming at building partnerships among research centers and institutes, higher education departments and national committees interested in Ethics from the Central and Eastern Europe. Its primary objective is to promote ethical expertise in all sectors — social, economic, academic etc. –, and support fundamental and applied research. CEE Ethics Network has been initiated by the Centre in Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics in October 2011 and is expected to be functional by 2020.

Membership is invitation-based. This means that organizations with outstanding activity in the field of Ethics will be invited by the network’s Steering Committee to join us in this collective work. Members of the CEE Ethics Network can recommend other organizations, but final decision to invite or not to invite rests with the Steering Committee.

The immediate objective is to develop alternative ways to strengthen the regional cooperation and disseminate research results coming from the members of the CEE Ethics Network. Two such ways have been proposed: a monthly newsletter informing people about publications in Applied Ethics from the Central and Eastern European countries and a debate platform that already exists, i.e., Bucharest Conference in Applied Ethics (future Central and Eastern European Conference in Applied Ethics).

A second objective of the CEE Ethics Network is to build a Regional Centre for Ethics Expertise to serve the members of the network and other interested organizations. The Regional Centre will provide training and research facilities for ethics specialists and researchers to develop their professional skills or finalize their research projects.