CARMAE Case Studies Repository

We regularly prepare case studies, scenarios and simulation-based activities for our training programs or for the plethora of documents we develop for our partners. All these case studies have been included in an internal tool called CARMAE Case Studies Repository, which functions as a sort of archive with all our materials. Its main purpose is to help us keep track of these materials, but also to help avoid writing the same case study or scenario twice.

Initially, this Repository was also intended to contain moral dilemmas, but this part has been removed in order to make room to another internal project. Consequently, we eliminated all the moral dilemmas from the archive and focused it only on case studies. This also helped us to extend the categories of case studies: from topics related to Applied Ethics to topics from Strategic Management and Sustainability.

As we said, the Repository is an internal tool, with emphasize on “internal”. But, several years ago, after some careful consideration, we decided to make public a number of case studies from the Romanian part. Not as a marketing element, because we are not selling them, but as a way of understanding the way we work and also to attract other people to this type of thinking. This section of our website contains this selection of case studies, scenarios, and simulation-based activities. We update it whenever we have some spare time. For the moment, most of them are in Romanian.

Another good source of case studies is the Ethics & Compliance Magazine (TM). All the materials are in English. The authors are professionals in Ethics & Compliance or related fields. Each issue contains two case studies and for each case study there are two opinions on the situation at hand.

Ethics & Compliance Magazine, 2016, 1(1)