Exploratory Workshops

New ideas are never born out of vacuum, but, as the medieval thinkers believed, by standing on the shoulders of our predecessors. New technologies are never developed out of nothing, but by enriching and refining our knowledge. We discuss and debate, we test the limits and go beyond the known borders, we refuse to take everything for granted and imagine innovative ways to solve old and new problems.

The Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics provides the right environment to explore new ideas and technologies, to harness our knowledge for future generations. Through CARMAE Exploratory Workshops we bring together people and ideas and foster innovation.


nMKT Ethics EXP2017

Neuromarketing is a new research field, interdisciplinary in nature and highly controversial from a general perspective. There is a tendency to treat it as an instrument of manipulation and reason suspension, but in reality it is about understanding what influences our choices and what neural mechanisms are involved in consumer behaviour. This series of exploratory workshops is focused on the ethics of neuromarketing and less on sole neuromarketing subjects. nMKT Ethics EXP 2017 is being organized in partnership with BuyerBrain. (Further details)

nEthics EXP2017

How do we make moral decisions? Are our moral actions based on rational grounds or emotions play also an important role? Are ethical principles reflected in our neural patterns? What role plays pleasure in moral deliberation? Is any gender difference between the way men and women make moral decisions? Is there any difference between the way we make decisions in organizational environment and the way we make decisions in  common social contexts? Can we influence moral judgment by external means (through technological or drug enhancement? These are just a few of the questions discussed at nEthics EXP2017. If you want to learn more, get involved. (Further details)