Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum

The Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum (RECF) is the local chapter of the European Ethics & Compliance Forum (EECF) and was established by the Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics as part of its efforts to set up the European Ethics & Compliance Association (EECA) and strengthen the Ethics & Compliance professional community. It was officially launched in Spring 2015 and its first edition was scheduled for February 11, 2016.

RECF is an itinerary event taking place every year in one major Romanian city. Its role is to build up a local community of Ethics & Compliance professionals that think beyond mere compliance (law observance and enforcement) and promote moral leadership. This is the reason for seeking out speakers that can bring the best experience in the field and presented in a professional-relevant and not business-relevant way. In other words, no business/ company presentation will be ever accepted for any RECF edition.

The second objective of RECF is to promote integrity in Romanian business sector. By emphasizing the role of ethical values in organisational performance, by highlighting the ethics & compliance risks and vulnerabilities, by taking the tone at the top beyond mere business discourse, by putting Ethics & Compliance training on the right track, by making internal communication count for ethical behavior, by making organisational psychology and business ethics work in favour of businesses and their stakeholders, etc., the organisers hope to contribute to a better ethical climate in Romanian economic sector. The corruption scandals that affected the reputation of several industries (Banking, Pharma, Retail, Infrastructure, IT) illustrate significant vulnerabilities in this part of the European common market. Without practicing moral blindness or being naïve, the RECF staff and organisers are trying to make ethics count in real business contexts.

The Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum puts together not only ideas, best practices and knowledge in general, but also people. This series of annual events serve as the main point of gathering for Romanian integrity management specialists. We are convinced that a stronger professional community can serve as a catalyst for professional advancements as well as a higher level of professional and organisational integrity.

The  event  is opened to those professionals directly or indirectly involved in promoting integrity in organisations and professions:
Ethics & Compliance Officers – Chief Ethics & Compliance Officers
• Compliance Officers – Compliance Specialists
• Lawyers/Attorneys – Legal Counselors – Compliance Lawyers
• Anti-Money Laundering Specialists
• Fraud Prevention Officers
• Risk Officers – Risk Consultants
• Internal Control Specialists
• Integrity Officers – Anti-Corruption Officers
• Ethics Counselors
• Auditors (Risk / Ethics & Compliance / Compliance)
• Human Resources Managers / Officers / Specialists
• Financial Experts
• Personnel of national offices for Money Laundering Prevention, Anti-Corruption Fighting, Justice, Social Responsibility, Labour and Equal Opportunities, Fiscal Administration
• Social Responsibility Specialists – Sustainability Specialists – Community Affairs Specialists – Philanthropy Specialists
• Social Auditors – Supply Chain Auditors
• Independent consultants in any of the above fields



Current Edition

2016 Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum, 1st Edition: “Managing Integrity Effectively” (February 11, 2016; Unicredit Bank Romania, Bucharest HQ) [Agenda, photos, videos and keynote speakers are also available here.]

Future Edition

2017 Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum, 2nd Edition: “Dynamics of Organisational Integrity in Turbulent Times” (March 23; Bucharest, Romania)

2018 Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum, 3rd Edition: tba (March 22; Bucharest, Romania)

2016 Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum. Managing Integrity Effectively. 1st Edition. February 11, 2016. Unicredit Bank, Bucharest HQ, Romania.