2022 OECD Global
Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum


This year, OECD organizes a new edition of the Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum. It will take place online on March 30-April 1, just like the previous two editions. The pandemic changed drastically the conditions for this event, but it also helped reduce the pollution and expenses associated with the travels of the participants.

There is something really interesting about the 2022 edition of the Forum, namely the fact that the organizers introduced a panel on lobby and conflict of interests: “The OECD Public Integrity Indicators: New data on lobbying, political finance and conflict-of-interest“. This comes in a moment when the European Commission made significant changes to the Transparency Register and made available a live statistics page regarding the updated progress of the entities enrolled in the register.

This statistics shows that as of today, 21st of February 2022, only 51% of the total number of registrants (i.e., 13573) amended their information to include the required disclosure on the nature of their interests.


Distribution of updated registrants according to their interests


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