Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics [CARMAE] was established on February 4, 2008, as a research unit within the Smart Solutions & Support company. Gradually, with the growing involvement of our colleagues and partners, CARMAE became a legally separate entity. From January 2012, CARMAE became an independent organization and in Februarie 2013, it received its legal statute as an NGO, under Law 26/2000, with its subsequent modifications, indexed in the Register of Associations and Foundations. [Legal decision – Romanian / No. 23/19.03.2013, Fiscal ID: 31627213]

The main aim of CARMAE is to contribute significantly to the advancement of the two areas of interest, namely organizational management and ethics in organizations, professions and society. Therefore, the Centre coordinates fundamental and applied research projects with immediate impact on the organizational, professional and social environment. The Centre also organizes conferences (Bucharest Conference in Applied Ethics; European Media Ethics Congress), edits the “European Journal of Applied Ethics” and “Responsibility. A Journal of Social Responsibility, Ethics, and Sustainability”, and offers consulting and training services for public institutions, professional organizations and NGOs.

At the time of CARMAE’s establishment as an independent entity, there was an ongoing project and a few other prospective projects. The “Ethics and Compliance Management in Public and Private Organizations in Romania (1st edition – MECOPP Ro 2009-2012; 2nd edition – MECOPP Ro 2013-2015)” was conducted during 2009-2011 in partnership with the Centre for Research in Applied Ethics of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest, where Cristian Ducu, the project manager, was also a program coordinator and research fellow. Since 2009, the MECOPP team has presented publicly, on various occasions, the results of their research work. In 2013 and 2014, the first reports concerning the ethics and compliance management situation in the 7 types of organizations investigated will be released: Public Administration, Health Care Institutions, Universities, Companies, Media Organizations, NGOs, and Political Parties.