The Centre

Centre for Advanced in Research in Management and Applied Ethics (CARMAE) was established in 2008, as a non-profit organisation, without any political or religious affiliation. It serves as an Applied Ethics & Strategic Management research platform and provides support in these two core expertise areas. The main aim of the Centre is to push forward these fields in the Central and Eastern European academic and business sectors. This website is the only place where you can learn more about our organisation, its staff and activities.

We are not the only Ethics research centre in Romania nor the first, but we are definitely the only one that works hard to bring together the academic, business and public sectors. We begun in 2008, with the first edition of the Bucharest Conference in Applied Ethics, and we continued with all the other things we do. We are partnership-oriented and we totally reject the field-custodian mentality, i.e., the idea that someone can hold the keys of a research field and reject or accept the work of others based on its supposed expertise.

Advocacy work for transposition of Directive 2014/95/EU - non-financial reporting directive



Having the necessary competency in a certain field is not sufficient nor the number one criteria to be recognized as an ethical individual. It is the same with organisations: having the necessary competency is not sufficient nor the primary element for integrity, though is highly important. Being ethical is about character, about consistent moral actions, and about assuming the ethical principles even in the face of hardships and retribution. Integrity, this is our main ethical value.


Professionalism is about the way we do our work, about walking the talk and delivering high quality results in all we do. The basic way we translate professionalism is represented by the competency rule: we engage only in those projects were our competency can make the difference and we refuse projects that require competencies we do not hold. Professional responsibility is the second aspect of professionalism: we fully commit to the projects we are involved in.


Transparency is not about reporting, financial or non-financial data. Transparency, again, is about character, about public scrutiny of someone’s actions. We take pride in upholding the strongest moral values in all our work, from research to lobby, from training to our consulting services, from our pro bono activities to our community involvement.


One defining aspect of our work is represented by our partnerships. We build long-lasting relations with people that share common interests, values and attitudes; not just to achieve our own objectives, but also to help them achieve theirs. Our experience tells us that the best way to get things done with excellence is to do your job in best way possible and by engaging others. This is what partnerships are for us: a path to excellence. As Aristotle wrote in one of his Ethics, the excellence of a man is a reflection of the soul of his/her friends.


Research is fundamental to everything we do, from our typical services to advocacy, from our publications to our events. We take a special interest in this direction because we believe that evidence-based arguments is the only valuable way to get from an idea to its practical use. (Opinions are not reliable nor can stand as a steady ground to professional or organisational decisions.) We do both fundamental and applied research, in partnership with other organisations or on our own. Our financial support comes mainly from the private sector.


We do not engage in research for the sake of research, but because there are lessons to be learned, things to be understood and used in real-life situations, and tools to be developed. Based on our research, we provide services to academic, business, non-profit as well as the public sector. We do a lot of pro bono work, especially when the public interest is better served by public authorities and institutions, but most of our services are paid. These services are also a way to ensure our financial autonomy.