Case Studies Repository

Our training experience has led us to a quite impressive database of case studies, scenarios and simulation-based activities. Some of them will be published in this area for those interested in Applied Ethics, Strategic Management or Sustainability. Do not copy them on other websites or use them in training programs without prior written permission from us.

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CEE Ethics Network

CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPEAN ETHICS NETWORK is a regional platform aiming at building partnerships among research centers and institutes, higher education departments and national committees interested in Ethics from the Central and Eastern Europe. Its primary objective is to promote ethical expertise in all sectors — social, economic, academic etc. –, and support fundamental and applied research.

Sustainability Reporting Library

In 2014, CARMAE established the first Romanian sustainability reporting library. Its aim is to put together all corporate and non-corporate sustainability/social responsibility/non-financial reports and support in-depth studies on this type of external communication of Romanian entities. The library itself is based on donations of printed and electronic versions, but our staff is making efforts to extend the archive to all Romanian organizations that publish such a document.

Ethics Research Institutions

We have compiled a list of National Bioethics Commissions and National Research Ethics Commissions. This work is not available on-line and can be accessed only by our members and parteners. It was partially developed as part of the MECOPP Ro Project and serves as basis of our work on integrity management in research institutions.

Ethics Serial Publications

The number of serial publications dedicated to Applied Ethics is increasing at a steady pace, while the number of articles and books multiplies exponentially every year. It is difficult to navigate in this immense mass of publications. It is even harder if you are novice in Applied Ethics. The current section aims to help those working in this research field by providing an extensive list of high-quality serial publications covering all sub-fields and related research subjects.

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Ethics and Cinema

In many cases, a movie can reveal much more than a text. The stories told with the help of images, music and special effects can help us see, understand and experience more than we usually get from exploring a case study or reading a newspaper column: seeing how animals are treated before they end up in our hamburgers, for example, can influence greatly the way we frame our moral arguments for or against the use of animals in food, pharmaceutical or fashion industries (Food, inc.).

*Check our database with movies and TV series here.