MECOPP Ro Acknowledgments

The 1st stage of the MECOPP Ro project, i.e., 2009-2012, was developed by Dr. Cristian Ducu as part of an individual grant he received from the Dinu Patriciu Foundation. The grant, 15.000 Euro, was awarded in 2010 for one academic year. This financial support helped Cristian develop further the initial idea and improve the data collections. At the same time, the project benefited of financial and logistic support from SDG | Strategic Dynamics Group.

During 2009-2011, Cristian was PhD candidate at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest, and founder and Executive Director of the Research Centre in Applied Ethics from the same institution. As part of his work with these two institutions, he tried to make the MECOPP Ro project also a training base for those interested in Business Ethics / Ethics & Compliance and accepted a few interns for basic research.

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