Research Projects

MECOPP Ro 2012-20

The 2012-2020 edition is the 2nd part of the MECOPP Ro Project, where the first one covered the 2009-2012 period. “MECOPP Ro” stands for “Ethics & Compliance Management in Romanian Private and Public Organizations” and its focus is on how are developed and implemented the main elements of an Ethics & Compliance Management System/Integrity Management System.

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The Moral Brain in Crises

“What if someone will find out?” “Should I have done it differently?” “Should I report him?” “Is it OK to do this?” This type of questions, mostly asked in our minds, indicate the presence of what is known as ‘moral reflection’. But how is moral reflection related to emotions, intuitions, moral judgment and other philosophical and non-philosophical concepts referring to our actions in problematic situations?

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Responsible Organizations

In the last 40 years, the concept of “(Corporate) Social Responsibility” came to combine and represent all sorts of corporate responsibilities in an attempt to change the organizational behavior and reduce the negative impact on environment, society and workers. We attempt to show that CSR distorted the understanding of the idea of responsibility and we need to reconfigure the concept of responsible organizations.

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Emerging Advertising Practices

Maybe James Vicary’s 1957 claims of using subliminal messages to determine cinema spectators to “Drink Coca-Cola” and “Eat Popcorn” were just a hoax, but today’s Neurosciences provide a different, more pervasive mechanism to access human preferences. Our research project explores the ethical limits of these and other emerging advertising practices.

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Partnership Opportunities

The Centre is open to new partnerships covering both the research and professional services component. In order to consider your partnership proposal, we will need more than an idea in an e-mail. A brief will be enough for the first stage, but each research proposal will go through a complex review process aimed to establish 3 things: (i) if the proposal fits the objectives of our organization; (ii) if the proposal is viable in relation with its own objectives and the reality; (iii) if our contribution can make a difference on the topic at stake.

Before submitting your proposal, you should also know that we take a special interest in applied projects, meaning projects that have a direct impact on society, organizations or professions. Although we are engaged in fundamental research projects, we encourage people to focus on improving the conditions in the world we live in.

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For any inquiry concerning our past and current research projects as well as collaboration opportunities, you can write to our colleague Diana Trifudiana.trifu