Expertise Areas

Our organisation cultivates pluri-specialization and encourages pluri-disciplinary approaches. Thus, our experts have a strong background in Moral Philosophy and extensive competencies in more than two applied research fields and also hold experience in the practical side of their specialization. We think that someone who is doing research in ICT Ethics, for example, cannot gain a profound understanding of the topics he/she chose if he/she does not have both theoretical and practical experience in ICT.  The ethical aspects of ICT cannot be learned only by reading what others wrote, but by working in ICT: coding, building local networks and making communication protocols jiggle, testing technology or taking it apart. In other words, we think someone cannot make sense of ICT Ethics, if, using an analogy, he/she does not recognize a transistor from a pile of capacitors or machine-code from GUI. And if someone is specialized in ICT Ethics, it is most likely that he is also interested in Robotic Ethics or Military Technology Ethics.

In order to present better our expertise area, we have divided them into seven major research fields in which we take a special interest: (i) Ethics in Academia; (ii) Ethics in Biomedical Sciences; (iii) Ethics in Business; (iv) Ethics in Communication; (v) Ethics in Governmental Affairs; (vi) Ethics in Society; and (vii) Ethics in Technology Development and Use. If you want to learn more about how we serve these research fields, you can visit our website and read about what we do. If you have questions, do not hesitate to write us.


  • Academic Ethics
  • Research Ethics


  • Medical Ethics
  • Pharma Ethics
  • Research Ethics


  • Business Ethics / Ethics & Compliance
  • Social Responsibility / Sustainability


  • Advertising Ethics
  • Media Ethics
  • Public Affairs Ethics


  • Government Ethics
  • Police Ethics
  • Public Administration Ethics


  • Social Ethics
  • Non-Governmental Organizations and Ethics


  • ICT Ethics
  • Nanotechnologies and Ethics
  • Robotics and Ethics