Integrity Month

Integrity Month is an annual initiative that takes place in December, promoting integrity in public and private organisations through positive actions and projects. It is not an event, a programme or a singular activity, but a ‘collective action’, a joint effort to make integrity matter. This means that several organizations design, develop and implement activities specific to their own profile and to their Ethics & Compliance annual plan in an attempt to show what it takes to act with integrity.

Each organisation that wants to take part to the Integrity Month Initiative will have to allocate some resources and do the activities it has included in the registration. In order to design an activity under the auspices of the Integrity Month Initiative, an organization may receive assistance from CARMAE or its partners.

In addition to the public and private organisations, Integrity Month is supported by a series of teachers and professors that are interested in instilling ethical values and principles in the behaviour of their students. We believe that ethical reflection should be a part of any discipline from the general curriculum, as well as from any professional training program.

2018 Edition

Integrity Month 2018 is opened to any public institution or private entity interested in promoting integrity as a focal value of their activity. The main topic for this edition is “Responsible Organizations. Responsible Employees” and will accommodate actions and projects that address the ethical climate, by nudging employees to adopt ethical behaviours and by nudging organizations to embrace ethical practices.

The 2018 subject for teacher and professors: “What Are Ethical Values and How Do We Recognize Them?”

Registration Deadline: September 30, 2018 (0.00 UTC)

For details and registration, use the following email address: centre ‘AT’

Project Coordinator: Cristian Ducu