The 5th edition of the Ethics & Compliance Hubs is organized by the European Ethics & Compliance Association, in partnership with Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics and Musat & Asociatii. This new edition brings a lot of changes. We changed the format of our events, we changed their professional weight. Almost all sessions will take place in a workshop format, with scenario-based activities. All participants will have the opportunity to provide their input on the case study at hand and to debate the most sensitive topics in various industries and business sectors.

Due to this new format and the medical precautions associated with COVID-19 pandemic, the number of participants is strictly limited to 40 people and we will not be able to accommodate more. Participation to our events is invitation only. If you received an invitation, you should know that it is nominal and cannot be transmitted.

In order to activate your invitation, you are kindly asked to register on the following link: The registration form will be available until the pre-day of the event. If the limit number is reached earlier, the registration will be closed.

All attendees will receive certificates of participation from the organizers, attesting their participation to this professional workshop.

The Prevention Clinique Series, 2016

EthicsComplianceHub :: Bucharest, 2017 (October 23, 2017; Musat & Associates)

EthicsComplianceHub :: Bucharest, 2017 (September 28, 2017; Musat & Associates)