Bayer Ethics & Compliance Talks 2016

Ethics & Professional Responsibility in Patient-Physician/Nurse Relationship

April 20, 2016 | Bayer Romania, Bucharest HQ

The patient-physician/nurse relationship is fundamental for the entire healthcare system; and not just because all medical services are revolving around the patient. Many argue that quality of the medical system is highly dependent on the nature of this relationship (e.g., resource allocation for one case can have unintended consequences). There are others that extend it influence because it affects not only the patient’s quality of life, but also of its relatives and, why not, of the involved medical staff (e.g., the psychological implications of caring for patients with terminal illness).

The present event is intended to open the public debate on the patient-physician/nurse relationship in Romanian medical system. This topic has been regularly avoided or left unexplored by both the medical community and authorities. For example, the only interest manifested in the 26 years of democracy is related to the legal aspects of professional behaviour.

Event Agenda

17.00.-17.30. | Networking Coffee
17.30.-17.35. | Welcome Word, Andreas Schremmer, CEO Bayer Romania
17.35.-17.40. | About Bayer Talks 2016, Mihai G. Popa & Cristian Ducu
17.40.-18.10. | Leslie Iverson, Nurse Practitioner
18.10.-18.30. | Q/A
18.30.-19.00. | TBA
19.00.-19.30. | Q/A

Event Location

All Bayer Talks 2016 events are hosted by Bayer Romania, Bucharest headquarters, located in Nusco Tower, 1st floor, 42 Pipera Str.  Given the location of Nusco Tower, we recommend to all participants to use the Aurel Vlaicu Metro Station; traffic jams in the area are frequent and you can get stuck. Moreover, no parking is available at Nusco Tower or nearby.


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    Bayer Ethics & Compliance Talks 2016

    Bayer Ethics & Compliance Talks 2016