Responsibility. A Journal of Ethics in Organizations, Professions, and Society is an international interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal edited by Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics focusing on topics like the ethical / social / legal / professional / organizational responsibility, sustainability, ethical decision making, moral agency.

Responsibility publishes only original research papers, reviews, discussion notes, case studies and interviews. It is issued twice a year, in Spring and Fall, both in electronic and paper format. The official language is English. The first issue is scheduled for the end of May 2016


Brief Submission Information
• All manuscripts pass through a double-blind review procedures before being published. For this reason, prospective authors should submit the following:
(a) An electronic document containing the title and subtitle, the 200-words abstract, all author names, institutional affiliation and the contact information (email, phone number and fax) of the corresponding author.
(b) An electronic document containing the title and subtitle, the abstract and the proposed paper. No identification data should be included in this document (authors’ names, affiliations or contact information).

• The official language is English and texts written in other languages will not be accepted. Where original text in other language has been used, an English translation should be provided in text or footnote.

• Manuscripts should be sent via email to

• Submitted papers should be original and unpublished, not under consideration for publication anywhere else. The corresponding author should have explicit or tacit acceptance of the rest of authors, or of the organizations holding the publication rights or where the research has been carried out. The Responsibility editors cannot be held legally responsible for any complaints concerning intellectual property.

Brief Editorial Style
• All manuscripts should be prepared as electronic texts (MO Word 2010, *.doc), with references (footnotes and bibliography) following the style described by The Chicago Manual of Style (University of Chicago, Chicago, 2010, 16th ed.). The font should be Palatino Linotype, which is Unicode, size 14pt for title, 10.5pt for authors and institutional affiliation, 10.5pt for text body, 10.5pt bold for subtitles, 10pt for abstract and bibliography, 9pt for footnotes.

• Page layout must be 2cm for all page margins (top/bottom/left/right), A4 page format (21×29.7cm), no paragraph spacing and 1.27cm indentation for the first line of the paragraphs. Block quotations must be written as independent paragraphs, 4pt top and bottom spacing, 1cm left and right indentation for the whole paragraph, no indentation for the first line of the paragraphs and 10pt font size.

Responsibility. A Journal of Ethics in Organizations, Professions, and Society