The Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics (CARMAE) is engaged in and carries out research on various topics relevant to the business sector, authorities and other institutional actors, as well as academia and civil society. We have a strong academic background, but we are also highly involved in organizations and professions from a pragmatic standpoint.

This section contains general information about all our publications. Given the fact that our work is not funded from public funds, most of the publications are not free of charge. All publications funded through donations and sponsorships are free of charge.


Types of publications and their format

Academic Research – includes research articles and books that deal with both Moral Philosophy and Applied Ethics. All books are grouped in 3 editorial projects: Ethics in Professions and Organisations / Etica în profesii și organizații | Fundamental Texts of Moral Thinking / Texte Fundamentale ale Gândirii Morale | Varia. Research articles are published mostly in journals and volumes that are not printed by our organization.
Journals – refer to two serial publications that are edited and published by our organization: “Ethics & Compliance Magazine™”, a professional magazine published three times a year, and “Responsibility“, an annual academic, peer-reviewed journal.
Blue Papers – include all sorts of reports, surveys and research papers that assess practices, situations and their contexts, as well as policies and their implementation.
Background Papers – also known as White Papers, provides an expert position on a certain topic and aim to serve as a base for policy making both in governmental and business affairs.
Briefs – are documents occasioned by a certain situation in society, in business, in politics etc. and provide an expert point on the issue at stake, but without involving an extensive assessment.
Best Practices & Guides – are regular publications that illustrate the best practices on a certain topic. Their purpose is to help both the general public and the professionals from a certain field understand what is desirable from an ethical point.
Case Studies – are stories describing hypothetical or real situations and they can serve as educational material for those interested in Applied Ethics or Strategic Management.
Op-Eds – refer to various types of articles published in business magazines, in newspapers and on professional blogs.