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Newsletter #001
May 3, 2017

First of all, I want to let you know that the Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics is making great progress in expanding its operations across the Western Europe. We participated in two international events in March, one in Lisbon – “Global Anti-corruption, Compliance & Ethics Summit” (March 16-17, 2017; Radisson Blu Lisbon) –, and the second one in Paris: “2017 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum” (March 30-31, 2017, OECD Conference Centre). We have also established a partnership with a Spanish institution, but about this we will talk in a future newsletter.

Secondly, the Ethics & Compliance Academy is up again and preparing the first training sessions for this year. We will be mainly focused on Eastern Europe. Our main concern is to promote more and more the CECP Certification Programme (i.e., the certification framework for Chartered Ethics & Compliance Professionals), which will be handed in to the European Ethics & Compliance Association at the end of September. Below, you will find more information about two of the first training programs we launched for 2017.

We don’t know if you received a copy of the latest issue of the “Ethics & Compliance Magazine“, but we want to make it public that we have received the Trademark for the magazine. So, from now on, it is Ethics & Compliance Magazine™. Moreover, we are sending out complimentary copies to various academic and institutional libraries across Europe and North-America. We know that “the future” is about electronic publications, but we also appreciate the printed version, allowing you to have a different experience with the magazine. For the electronic version, we are discussing about using Amazon as distribution channel; this is schedule for Winter 2017.

The editorial of the Ethics & Compliance Magazine™ 2016/2 is now available on the website of the Ethics & Compliance Academy. In the “Resources” section, you can read the editorial, but in the coming day you will also be able to learn more about the 2016 Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum, 2016 European Ethics & Compliance Forum and the future events.

In the end, I want to tell you that this message gets to your Inbox because you are in contact either with the Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics (CARMAE) or its manager – that’s me! Cristian Ducu. We took the liberty of sending you this newsletter considering you may find it interesting for your work. We will highly appreciate your feedback.

For any assistance, you may contact us at

Cristian Ducu, PhD
Ethics & Compliance and Sustainability Expert


IER-CRJ training on anti-corruption – May 29-31, 2017

The European Institute of Romanian and the Center for Legal Resources from Bucharest, Romania, is organizing the 3rd session for the “Prevention and Fighting Corruption” training program. The trainers for this session are Codru Vrabie (Funky Citizens) and Cristian Ducu (Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics). This training is offered to Romanian and Moldavian citizens and participants will receive a training diploma released by the Romanian National Agency for Qualifications (ANC).

The website of the European Institute of Romania contains more information about this training.

Regulatory Compliance 360 – Registration is now open! – June 2017

The first session of this training program will take place in Bucharest, Romania, and it will offer 11 CPEs to those individuals interested in pursuing a career in Ethics & Compliance. This training is part of the Chartered Ethics & Compliance Professional (CECP) Certification Programme and covers topics like regulatory compliance vs. business integrity, regulatory risk, regulatory compliance management, regulatory compliance tools and practices.

Regulatory Compliance 360 takes 4 days of face-to-face training, 18 hours of individual study and 36 hours of project-based activity. Its aim is to go beyond the common idea of regulatory compliance and equip the trainee with the necessary competencies to deal with complex issues that affect business organisations. At the end of the training session, the participant should be able to identify new regulatory constraints, to monitor and evaluate regulatory changes and advise on how to secure the company from regulatory risks or vulnerabilities associated with regulations applying to 3rd-parties.

More details about this training program are available on its dedicated page from the ECA website.

Ethics & Compliance Essentials – Registration is now open! – August/September 2017

In 2017, the Ethics & Compliance Academy will be hosting two sessions of the basic module for the CECP Certification Programme. So, if you are a compliance officer, legal counselor/advisor, risk manager, sustainability officer or if you just want to become a certified CECP, then this is the training you should take first.

Ethics & Compliance Essentials is an intensive program that takes 4 days of face-to-face training, 24 hours of individual study, and 14 hours of project-based activity, which, based on the CECP Competency Framework, translates into 11 CPE credits.

The program has been designed to provide the basic KSA (knowledge-skills-attitude) in Ethics and Compliance. The training starts with fundamental distinctions and approaches to this field and concludes with complex case studies on integrity in business practices. Our methodology combines theoretical knowledge with practical engagement in case studies, simulations and debates.

More details are available on its webpage.


The Corporate Governance Conference, “The Future of Corporate Governance. New Regulations, Best Practices, and Corporate Culture” – May 5, 2017; Hilton Nicosia, Cyprus

On May 5, InfoCredit Group Cyprus is organizing an international event on the latest developments and challenges in the field of Corporate Governance. Cristian Ducu will be presenting during this conference a special talk on how toxic organisational practices cannot be addressed by the classic regulatory compliance perspective. His presentation – “Looking beyond Regulatory Compliance. The Costs Associated with Toxic Organisational Practices” – is going to build a strong case for the integration of ethics in the Corporate Governance framework of medium-size and large companies.

Some other speakers: Simon Osborne, Chief Executive of ICSA, UK, Daniel Wager, Vice-President of the Financial Crime Compliance Global Market Strategy, LexisNexis Risk Solutions EMEA, Theresa Minnie, Head of Membership and Outreach at ICSA, UK, and Marios Skandalis, Executive Vice-Chairman at Transparency International Cyprus, Panayiotis Peleties, Board Member of KPMG Cyprus, Leigh Berkley, Vice-President, Vice-President of FENCA, Maria Petsa, Head of Market and Listing Division, Cyprus Stock Exchange, and Andreas Andreou, Vice-Chairman of Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

You may learn more about this conference if you visit the website set up by the organizer.

Thomson Reuters Risk Roadshow – May 11, 2017; Romania, Bucharest

Cristian Ducu has been invited by Thomson Reuters Romania to have the opening address at its Thomson Reuters Risk Roadshow in Bucharest. He will talk about “The Enhanced Paradigm regarding the Effectiveness of the Ethics & Compliance Programs”. The brief presentation will highlight the changes in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the Ethics & Compliance Programs initiated by DOJ and SFO, as well as other European jurisdictions. The presentation will emphasize especially the attention paid to extended KYC and due diligence related to beneficial ownership, sanctions and other issues.

The event will take place at the Epoque Hotel, from 16.30 to 18.30, and it will cover topics like: extended KYC requirements, ultimate beneficial ownership, and enhancement of due diligence requirements. If you want to participate, don’t hesitate to visit the website of the event and register as soon as possible.


In March, “Dilema veche”, a Romanian weekly publication, hosted a special issue dedicated to Business Ethics and coordinated by Sever Voinescu and Mihai Popa. If you read Romanian, we recommend you the following texts:
• Mihai G. Popa (2017), Ethics in Business, from an Euro-Atlantic Perspective – a brief evaluation.
• Radu Nicolae (2017), Corruption in the Private Sector. Who cares?
• Oana Raluca Banateanu (2017), Ethics and Success in Business.
• Sever Voinescu (2017), “Justice and Fairness Are Problematic Terms” – Interview with Valeriu Stoica.
• Ruxandra Pirjoc (2017), Authenticity and Integrity in Communication: from theory to practice.
• Cristian Ducu (2017), The Myth of the Codes of Ethics or How to Mimic Integrity in an Organisation.
• Maria Maxim (2017), Business Ethics and the Compliance Tools in the Business Sector.
• Adrian Baboi-Stroe (2017), Public Integrity – the Next Frontier.


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